3 Keys to Creating Long Lasting Business Relationships

1 year ago #Success

Business relationships are crucial to success. No matter how great the product or service, the prosperity is dependant on the intertwining business relationships. Due to the advanced world we live in, business relationships across the globe are easier than ever to create and must be maintained.

It’s easy to create superficial relationships but harder to nurture them into deeper bonds. These 3 simple tips need to be kept in mind in order to create sustainable and beneficial relationships.

Remember that the relationship is 2-way

A bad way to begin a business relationship is to only talk to others when you are in need of something. You want to make it clear that you are always available to return the favour to your business relations and to be genuinely interested in their business endeavours. Take it upon yourself to reach out to others just to say hello or wish them well. It will pay off when the time comes and you really need a favour.

Keep your circle manageable

It’s great to have a lot of contacts, but in the case of business, quality is better than quantity. You want to be genuinely involved in your relationships and this will not be possible if you have too many to maintain. The best way to have meaningful business relationships is to keep them manageable and valuable. It is beneficial to have a large network and a handful of close connections.

Details, details, details

Details matter and they give off the impression of paying better attention to something or someone. Following up on a holiday that you knew your connection was taking, remembering their spouse’s name or discussing their favourite sports team is a sure way to show that you are invested and paying attention to them.

Business relationships are much like personal ones. Be sure not to forget the personal touch if you want to make your connection long-lasting and ultimately profitable.


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