C-Level Job Search: 3 Common Mistakes

11 months ago #Success

With senior positions comes an expectation for candidature; more experience equals higher potential. When C-level candidates seek a new job, the expectations from the potential employer are high. What are some of the most common mistakes made from C-level job seekers when they enter the job seeking market and go to their first interview? What steps can be taken in order to avoid them in the future?

Lack of Relationship Development

Executive job search is more than just a transaction; relationships are very important, sometimes more than the candidates realise. Seeking employers are putting more of an emphasis on the personality of their candidate than ever before. As much as candidates need to show their skills, they also need to connect on a deeper level to prove that they would be a great fit within the company. Relationships matter even before the interview – executive level recruiters, such as LEDR Executive Solutions, need to form relationships with their candidates to best understand what they are looking for in a new job. Investing time with your recruiter will eventually pay off in finding you the most suitable open job.

Forgetting the Basics

The fact that C-level candidates have impressive employment experience does not negate the fact that they still need to be prepared with the basics when coming into an interview. For executive candidates, think back to when you had your first ever job interview – are you as prepared as back then? Have you done the necessary research for the company you are interviewing with? C-level candidates can forget that the interview is as much about the company as it is about them. The goal of the first interview is to be invited back for a second one, meaning the focus should be on selling themselves to the interviewer rather than thinking solely of their own needs during the first meeting.

Not Going the Extra Mile to Differentiate Their Profile

C-level candidates have a lot of valuable experience under their belt and may feel comfortable with their profile without spending more time thinking about their specific unique selling points. Recruiters talk to hundreds of candidates and have an eye for what is important compared to others. If you choose to work with an executive recruiter to find you a new position, be open to the advice and constructive criticism of the recruiters. High level profiles may be content with their CV as is, but recruiters will only try to enhance the profile. High level candidates need to be open to the advice that their recruiter gives them in regards to positioning themselves in the job seeking market and what special qualities they have that will give them an advantage.

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