Digital Onboarding: A Guide

2 years ago #Success

Onboarding is crucial for the success of your new hire. It makes them feel comfortable as quickly as possible, therefore helping them get started in their new role without hesitation. 

In today's remote working environment, how can an employer keep up the enthusiasm of virtual onboarding and simultaneously include all important information to get started? It is definitely possible to onboard just as smoothly using the following digital methods. 


1. Organise a group introduction

The basic first step of integrating a new team member is introducing them to their fellow colleagues. Organise a group video meeting with your team so that the new hire has the chance to meet everyone. Having the first contact like this makes for an easier time communicating via email or telephone - it's always nice to know exactly who you're working with!

Another easy idea is to have a virtual team lunch, where everyone spends their lunch break eating and video chatting. This is an easy and casual way for the new hire to get to know everyone on a more personal level.


2. Sort paperwork thoroughly

You will likely need to send paperwork to your new hire to read and review. Organising this properly is a total game-changer for your remote employee. Unorganised paperwork sent via email will cause unnecessary stress and create a discouraging tone from the start. 

Clearly explain each set of paperwork and describe what needs to be done from the new hire to avoid any obscurities. 


3. Go from big to small

After the initial group introduction, organise meetings for your new hire with their immediate team members in smaller groups, or 1 to 1. This will allow a stronger relationship to begin, as well as give the new hire a chance to ask any deeper questions that they did not have a chance to ask during the group meeting. 


4. Set a detailed, clear schedule

Create a daily planning for your new hire, detailing what is expected of them for the day. This will give them a good idea of what kind of tasks they are meant to be doing and how much time each task should take. This will help ease them into a routine and make them feel confident that they are completing the correct tasks. 


5. Break up your big training sessions

Naturally, there will be a few main tasks that you need to set a chunk of time aside to explain and review with your new employee. You must remember that digital onboarding can be overwhelming if not broken down into smaller bits. Make a timeline of your big training sessions to be spread out and avoid making things too intense. This will not only give your new hire a chance to digest the information and understand it better, but it will also make them feel more comfortable with their work which is key during this entire process. 


6. Make yourself reachable for questions

How many questions did you have when you first started your job? Every new employee will have a lot of things to ask, and it can be frustrating if you as their boss are not there to answer them. Let your new employee know that you encourage them to call you at any point if they feel stuck. Set up a system - like Microsoft Teams - that can allow screen sharing for easy help. 


In sum, what are the biggest advantages of digital onboarding?

  • It is more cost-efficient to onboard digitally instead of face to face as less time needs to be spent

  • Employees will be able to begin working faster than normal as the entire process is less time consuming

  • It ensures that the materials presented to the new hires are the most current, up-to-date versions 

  • It provides new employees with accurate reference material to refer back to whenever they have a question

  • It will make them feel comfortable and prepared when they are required to come into the office in person

Your remote hiring and onboarding process should be seen as an advantage as it’s the quickest and most cost-friendly way to get your new hire started. With a little planning beforehand, this process will go smoothly and efficiently!

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