Executive Job Search in the Era of Coronavirus

6 months ago #Success

As we are all aware, the COVID-19 epidemic has reached Europe and thus has consequences on many activities. We wanted to reach out to you in these uncertain times to assure you that finding a job will continue as normal through LEDR Executive Solutions with some precautionary measures. Continue applying to our open jobs now!

1. Prepare to use video tools for interviews 

LEDR is using video calling tools for all external meetings. We use the program ALLOcloud. With the ability to see your interviewer face to face and speak with them without any restrictions, this tool allows for a constructive meeting to take place. Ensure that you have a quiet spot in your living space and test the microphone and webcam on your computer in order to ensure a smooth meeting. 


2. Communicate regularly via phone or email 

The follow-up after the interview can be done completely via phone or email. All information can be transmitted as normal in this way. At LEDR we work via telephone so the communication with your recruitment consultant will continue as usual. 


3. Use online programs to sign documents 

As external meetings are discouraged, employment contracts should be reviewed and signed digitally. If you are offered an employment contract, there are multiple online programs that will allow for legally binding digital signatures. You will be able to sign your employment contract without having to risk physical meetings. 


We want to assure you that Coronavirus does not affect the process or service that LEDR provides you in your job search. By implementing these tools, these activities can continue as normal. We assure you that our recruitment consultants are aware of these procedures and are ready to assist you in the process at all times. 

Keep calm and continue applying! We are urgently hiring for these open positions on our website. Apply now to our executive jobs.


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