How to Prepare for a Video Interview

2 years ago #Success

Current times call for certain measures to be taken in regard to the interview processes with open jobs. LEDR Executive Solutions is taking precautionary measures to limit the amount of contact between parties during this time, and as a candidate, you might find yourself doing your first ever Skype (or similar platform) interview. How can you succeed in this new environment?

1.Create a professional account

Check the email address you used to create your first Skype account and update it if needed. Updating your profile to a professional email address will make yourself look more professional from the start - think of it as a first impression. 


2. Check the technical things first

If your interview is at 10:00 for example, make sure your computer is set up by 9:30 already! You need to test your microphone and your webcam and make sure your invite link works, so you'll want to give yourself plenty of time without having to be rushed before your interview. Check your laptop's battery, internet connection, app updates and all to avoid pre-interview stress.


3. Make sure the background is clutter-free

It's best to have an area where the background is free of distractions that will take away from what you are saying during the interview. Set this up ahead of time. Another important aspect is lighting: check your webcam first to see if your space is too dark or flooded with light! You want your interviewer to be able to see your face clearly.


4. Minimise noise

You want to get rid of any background noise that can be heard through the microphone as it will be irritating and distracting.


5. When you are speaking, try to look at the webcam

It's tempting to look directly at the interviewer on the screen in front of you rather than at your webcam.  When you look at the webcam, it will seem like you are looking at the interviewer in the eyes which is better than looking down at the screen. 


6. Have an emergency plan

If you're all set up and ready to go but something happens with the connection, make sure you have the interviewer's phone number (or email address) handy and ready to be used. You can follow up with them and have the interview via FaceTime or WhatsApp video call as a worst-case scenario! 

A video interview is not much different than a normal interview once you get going! Our recruitment consultants at EyeTech Solutions are recruiting as normal. We have many open positions available for executives.  Apply now.


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