What does a Senior Risk Manager do?

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Wanted: Senior Risk Manager


Are you looking to continue your executive career? At LEDR Executive Solutions, we are constantly seeking executive profiles to hire for our various clients. LEDR answers questions about the job title of Senior Risk Manager. What exactly does this job entail? What kind of daily work can you expect to do as a Senior Risk Manager and what kind of compensation is average? View our answers to your questions below. 


What does a Senior Risk Manager do?

As a Senior Risk Manager, the importance of the position is very high as the main task is to identify risks to which their organisation could be exposed to. The Senior Risk Manager’s job is to eliminate or actively prevent against these risks beforehand. The risks that Senior Risk Managers fight against include financial, legal and operational risk.

Specific tasks include ensuring that processes are followed properly to reduce risk; manage insurance policies; create reports and inform others in senior positions about the risks.


Required skills?

There are fundamental skills required to excel in this position:

  • Analytical minded
  • Detail oriented
  • Meticulous and careful not to overlook any facts
  • Communicative
  • Proactive and particular problem solver


Salary Expectation

Senior Risk Managers can earn between 100k to 150k euros per year in Luxembourg, where Risk Managers in general earn between 49k to 125k on average according to Glassdoor.

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