Who Trains the CEO? 3 Habits to Adopt

9 months ago #Success

Chief Executive Officer.  The title exudes authority and knowledge.  As all companies need one, good CEOs are critical to company success.  Where most companies focus heavily on employee training, we are left with one question – who trains the CEO?

Naturally, CEOs already possess a level of expertise when they are hired for their position, but in today’s workplace constant evolution is crucial.  If you are at the top, who do you look to for new information and inspiration?  If you are looking for a new evolution in your professional life, contact us at LEDR Executive Solutions to find your next challenge. 

Instead of thinking of the classical approach towards learning – the pencil and paper in the classroom method – we must think more creatively about how CEOs and those in executive positions can avoid being stagnant and enhance their skills. 

Self-Education, with the Help of Others

There are countless resources readily available in order to aid those seeking to enhance specific skills.  Reading a specialised book is one way in which leaders can expand beyond their colleagues and immediate network in order to broaden their knowledge.  Whether the need to improve on a specific task or in need of general inspiration for their business model, there are books for every occasion. 

Reading is not for everyone – and in this case, there are many alternatives. Google Digital Garage offers a variety of courses in various categories, ranging from courses of 1 hour up to 40 hours.  LinkedIn E-Learning is another excellent platform with a wide range of courses available to train professionals of all levels.  The goal may be to simply refresh your memory or to develop a whole new set of skills, but whatever your aim may be, resources like these can be extremely valuable.   

Learning Through Connections

According to Forbes, many CEOs struggle with the feeling of isolation from others, and this in turn hinders their performance.  In order to combat both the feeling of loneliness and to enhance their knowledge and skills, it is crucial that CEOs network in order to meet other interesting people that they can learn from. 

One way that CEOs can meet others that share the same interests or have similarities in their professional life include joining specialised groups.  Keeping up with various groups on LinkedIn is a great way to find out about new organisations and to join a new network.

Collaboration with your Colleagues

There is a hierarchy present in most companies with those in Senior, Executive, Top-Level Management and Chiefs at the top.  We all have the idea that you need to look up to someone in order to learn from them, but it is apparent that leaders need to listen and learn from the people that they employ as well. 

According to Inc., a top tip from other CEOs looking to expand their knowledge is to turn to your team for council.  If you have a question, do not be afraid to ask your staff for answers or explanations.  There is no risk of “losing face” by trusting that your employees can teach you a thing or two.  In addition to learning something new, you may also gain credibility with your company for trusting them to do an excellent job.

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