Are you looking for your next Executive employee?

Executive recruitment made simple

Intake Interview

One of our executive recruitment consultants will discuss with you about the senior role you need and will identify all the criteria that are important for you and your company.

Job description

We will develop a job description according to the hard and soft skills the candidate should have, the level of experience, the culture of the company and the business goals.

Executive search

LEDR Executive Solutions will conduct a targeted search and/or headhunting missions to present you the perfect candidates.

Candidate short list

Our executive recruitment consultant will present you a short list of potential candidates, a complete explanation of their career path, and their expectations and motivation.


After the signature of the contract, we will be in constant contact with both parties in order to conclude the process in the smoothest way, until the candidate will physically start working for your firm.

No Cure No Pay

We strongly believe in our expertise and therefore stand by our results. There is no financial commitment until we find you the perfect match.

Are you looking for your next Executive employee?