Q&A Roundup: CEO’s Top Degrees and More

10 months ago #Success

Those in executive positions have some of the more intriguing success stories.  Moreover, a lot of commonalities between them can be discovered.

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Q: Which degrees are held by some of the world’s most powerful CEOs?

Buffet. Barra. Hackett.

These names are instantly recognisable as they represent some of the world’s most successful CEOs. Other than an impressive work ethic and a variety of highly developed skills, what do these successful CEOs have in common? What subject did they major in, and how does it relate to their accomplishment?

The short answer: finance, engineering and business administration bachelors are common within the top 10 successful CEOs worldwide.

Doug McMillion, CEO of Walmart, holds both a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and an M.B.A. in finance; Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and an M.S. in economics. An understanding of business is crucial for anyone in a CEO position. LEDR Executive Solutions specialises in connecting executive profiles to new high level positions. Our consultants specialise in the fields of finance, IT and engineering. View our current vacancies here.


Q: What kind of skills are crucial in being a risk manager?

The position of Risk Manager is significant for many businesses – it is crucial in identifying potential issues that can damage a company. With such an important responsibility, there are critical skills to master in order to be a great risk manager. What are the top 3 skills needed to succeed as a Risk Manager?

Analytical, business and negotiation skills are the top three qualities you need to possess. Do you have an analytical mind, a great understanding of how businesses operate and the ability to think quickly under pressure? If you have a degree in finance or related and years of experience in the field, apply for a position of Risk Manager on our Jobs page.


Q: How did Herb Khelleher create an airline that has been profitable every year since 1974?

Herb Kelleher launched his company in the early 1970s, starting his business in the air transportation industry as a small commuter airline in Texas.

What we now know as Southwest Airlines today has humble beginnings – the road to success for Southwest Airlines is largely owed to Kelleher, the brains behind it all.

Kelleher used many tactics to keep his business successful year after year. He was smart when it came to optimising things such as fuel costs, and over the years Southwest Airlines never had a lay off or pay cut. One notable tactic the airline used to avoid a financial pitfall was to sell one of their planes instead of laying off any of their employees. Overall, Kelleher had great admiration and respect for his employees which in turn led him to be a great CEO, and thus run a great business. Moving over 120 million people in their planes per year, Kelleher's business continues to breed success.


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